A Vancouver Island Splitboard / Camping Mission

Here are some pics from last weekend’s trip to Vancouver Island ! Im not gonna reveal all that happened but let’s just say that we had an awesome time filled with many challenges but with the best crew ever! Check out the full adventure in the next SBC Womens Annual and there will be a P.S. Webisode coming out in the next few weeks on Snowboardermag.com  Until then, here are some pics from our journey.

The raddest dudes ever, Mike (left) who made the whole trip happen and Tobin (right) who guided us safely through the storm. Thanks so much guys!

Claudia Avon, stoked the whole time!

Dom Vallee and Robin Van Gyn getting ready

Mark Gribbon was our photog for the trip and pulled his camera out even in the harshest stormy weather... Thanks dude!

Filmer Aaron, aka Trout. TMT ! hey ... Too Much for Trout!!

All the fuel you would ever need on a camping trip. White gas, Trail mix, Redbull and Clif Bars

At first, we were supposed to get helidropped and tour around our base camp. Since we couldnt fly because of the weather, we used the sleds to access the zone to camp. But then we ran into this lil obstruction... We had to turn around and find a new zone. The plans changed a million times...it got pretty funny.

We finally made it to a spot where we could set up camp for the night. Dom getting it done.

My tent aka " the oogopoogo" right before dark.

This is what the "oogopoogo" and Dom's tent in the top left corner looked like in the morning! We got 2 feet overnight and it dumped over a meter and a half during the 3 days we were there.

There are 3 sleds in this photo, can you find them?

Robin heading out for our first day of riding.

This is what a nice cozy breakfast felt like. Golf balls size snowflakes... that covers up a bagel in no time so eat up quick.

The view from inside the oogopoogo, the first night was awesome and dry. It went all downhill from there. With that amount of snow and touring all day in the storm, we got wet through our bones really quick!

After a few days of fighting the weather, Mike hooked us up with his friend's Cabin at Cain where we were able to dry up our stuff and warm up a bit. Thanks so much Don!!

After 3 days of fighting the winds and dampness of the cycle, it finally cleared!

For the first time we were able to really assess the beauty of the area. So sick. We did our best to make this only sunny day as productive as we could. It was a good ending to the trip.

This part of the adventure was over and me and Claudia decided to make it even more exciting so we booked it to the other side of the island after our day of riding. At 2 am we made it all the way to west coast and woke up early for a sunny icy surf! The waves were actually perfect, 4 at 16 secs and peeling... we were cold and tired but so psyched.

From face shots to face slams on the waves ha! It was so awesome. The island is truly one of the most beautiful place in the world and this is a trip I've been wanting to go on for a while. Thanks to Oakley, Redbull and everyone who helped us make the trip happen and to the whole crew! We are so luckyyyyyy !!!