Oakley Progression Sessions and Shred Shop Challenge in Mammoth

Last week was a really good time in Mammoth with the whole Oakley crew. We started off with the Oakley Progression Sessions and we rode 2 days of storm and blizzard but it didnt stop any of these girls from charging.

We built a lil powder kicker and it was a first experience for most of the girls. 11 years old Kai impressed us all with her skills, you will see more of her for sure in the future ...

BS one, riding away switch in the pow... No big deal for these chicks :)

Yoga sessions every morning led by the lovely Chanelle Sladics and Oakley Ambassador Lacey Calvert.

Our first day of riding was followed by some Classic Apres at LakaNuki. It happened to be St-Patricks day and Irish car bombs were mandatory of course... Sarah, and coaches Lauren Perkins and Christine Savage going for it.

And then, these dudes showed up... We soon learned that it was Gay week in Mammoth and after hearing stuff like :" there are way too many girls in this bar" all of us chicks got kicked out! ha! Its ok, they were cool and deserved their own venue. Sarah, Green Speedo Dude, coach Dom Vallee and I getting some.

The second day cleared up a little and we were able to session the private park made just for us. Steezy Chanene!

One of our all time fave participant and Friend Chelsea Waddell learning her first Frontboards. I also witnessed her first ever cab 3, first try, like a bosssss!

Some of the girls pumping each other up!

Sarah won the biggest "Youve got skills girl" Award and took home a brand new board and a bunch of shwaaag !

Thanks to all the ladies who came out and spread the love for the Shred. You can find more photos and videos of our weekend at Oakleyprogressionsessions.com or on their Facebook page.

A few days later, after all the girls left, over 30 guys coming from the best snowboard shops of the country came out for the Oakley Shred Shop Challenge. 8 teams of 4 riders competing for a big prize of 5000 $ to the best team. Snowboarder Mag was covering the event and they even had Pat Bridges as the announcer the whole day. We also had a Best Method contest and the boys killed it. Grete Eliassen, Eero Ettala, Stale Sandbech and I got to watch them throw down and judge to find the winning team which ended up being Wave Rave out of  Mammoth. Check out  oakleyweek.com for more details.

One of the many dudes who came out for the Oakley Shred Shop Challenge. The big O box was welded last week just for them!

Eero, Grete, Stale and I giving the scores. They said I scored everyone too high...I just wanted to spread the love!

The whole Oakley crew at the Awards party representing with the Dance Party run DMC style suits.

Grete and I with the Darkside guys.

We ended up on the same flights as the Eastern Boarder crew. Rad dudes just enjoying a lil skate session before a long day to the East Coast. Getting ready for the last Progression Sessions at Loon this weekend. Stoked to see those girls again! Peace