OK, Im starting a blog and its not my style or at least it hasnt’ been so Its a bit weird…

I have never really been into the self-promotion thing and I was a believer that most of the time spent on Twitter or Facebook was kind of useless. After a recent meniscus surgery, I started spending a lot of my time on the web looking at a bunch of articles and videos about all kinds of  subjects that I care about.

I then started following a bunch of groups or organizations on Twitter and Facebook that were linking me to all that new knowledge and it brought this big realization to me that I wanted  to share all those ideas with others. I feel very inspired by so much of what other people are doing and it really opened my eyes to the fact that the internet has become one of the best ways to access knowledge and connect people to amazing ideas.

 So here I am, putting a bunch of links on facebook and twitter and now starting a blog. I don’t feel so humble about it and I was thinking “oh no, people are gonna think that I’m annoying with my links and posts and crap…”  Yes, some will for sure think so and I’m sorry…. But if what we share can inspire or teach something good to at least one person , then its worth it right? Or at least that’s what I think so Im giving it a shot!

And please keep the hate comments out of here as the world has far too much of that already. Thanks